Reflections from Our Guest Writer: Steve Lore

Reflections from Our Guest Writer: Steve Lore
Posted on 12/11/2019
Steve Lore, Cambridgeport Physical Education Teacher

Greetings Cambridgeport Families,

I am happy to be writing to you from our school newsletter this month of December! With the first three months of school behind us, the students of Cambridgeport are now starting new units that can be more challenging in Physical Education. May it be manipulative skills (such as throwing, catching, kicking, etc.), locomotor skills (such as skipping, jumping, hopping, running, etc.), or even something as complex as swimming in fourth grade, the students of Cambridgeport continue to learn, work hard, and enjoy their Physical Education classes.

With December beginning and so many new and exciting skills being learned, I often reflect on my ultimate goal as a Physical Education teacher. My goal is to teach all of my students a variety of skills that they can use and implement outside of Physical Education class into activities/games/sports that they can participate in and enjoy for the rest of their lives to maintain a healthy and physically active lifestyle. I hope to teach my students these skills through enjoyable learning experiences so that as they get older, they can apply them to the activities, games, or sports that they enjoy and are excited to go play! 

As the Physical Education teacher at the Cambridgeport School, I am a firm believer that if I say this, I should do this as well and set the example. Twice per week, I look forward to playing ice hockey. That is something that gets me excited and that I look forward to doing every week. Not only because it helps me stay healthy and physically active, but because it is fun for me! I hope that each of my students has that one game/sport (may it be once, twice, or multiple times per week) that they can say “I am looking forward to playing that game/sport after school today because it is fun for me!” And I hope that years from now, they come back to the Cambridgeport School to tell me that they are still participating in that game/sport because they are still having fun doing it!

As always, I encourage you to read the Physical Education newsletter this month so you can see exactly what your child is learning in Physical Education class! I hope you all have a great month of December! 

Be Well,

Steve Lore
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