Family Liaison

KristenHi, I’m Kristen, your Family Liaison at the Cambridgeport School. My role is to be helpful to all families, to make you feel welcome and to help you find ways to support your child’s academic success. I aim to encourage participation and excitement about school wide functions, fundraisers, and community building events. I’m excited to help you learn about our school, alert you to classes, lessons, and workshops happening in Cambridge, and to guide you to in-house and out-of-school time resources. Call me anytime at 617.349.6587 x111, or knock on my office door located on the first floor. I will always greet you with a smile.


Meaningful ways to support your child at home:
  • Getting children to bed on time.
  • Getting children to school on time.
  • Providing a comfortable space and time for nightly reading or read-togethers.
  • Getting students involved in outside activities and asking about scholarships and financial aid.
  • Reminding children that education is important.
  • Role model for children that you are a life long learner.
Ways to be involved outside of the home:
  • Attend parent teacher meetings.
  • Volunteer in the classrooms.
  • Volunteer on committees like PTO (Parent Teacher Organization)
  • Become a room parent or 
serve on the School Council.
  • Attending parent training inside or outside of the school
  • Attend city wide School Committee meetings
If you have questions about being involved, please contact me, Kristen Emack, Family Liaison at the Cambridgeport School, via or 617.349.6587 x111.