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Core Values

  • Be Kind
  • Be Responsible
  • Be Reflective
  • Aim High

Multi-age Classes to Change to Looping
After discussions with teachers, parents and school council, Cambridgeport has decided to change the classroom structure to a looping model. In looping, students are with the same teacher for two years. This allows teachers to develop deep, nurturing relationships with students over time. We believe that it is when teachers know students in this deep way that they are best able to both challenge and support them.

Throughout our discussions about looping, we saw that many of the beliefs that are at the heart of multi-age classrooms are indeed at the heart of what we believe at Cambridgeport. These beliefs are at the core, and will not change no matter what structure we have in place. These beliefs are as follows:

  • A belief in child-centered learning
  • A belief that active, concrete learning experiences are essential for young children
  • A belief in the whole child
  • A belief in the importance of community
  • A belief that many kinds of learning are essential
  • A belief that human interactions, including conversation, supports rather than detracts from learning
  • A belief that the learner can be trusted
  • A belief that the teacher is also a learner

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