Spotlight on Heather French

Spotlight on Heather French
Posted on 05/19/2016
heatherMeet Our Technology Literacy Specialist! 

“What is the best part of your day?” and “What inspired you to go into your present field?”

It is those moments when a student gets so excited about what they are doing, just accomplished or figured out that they have to jump up and shout. I am very fortunate to witness those regularly at Cambridgeport, both in my classes, pushing into regular classes, and in my electives. The current elective has turned into a sort of pop-up makerspace complete with circuits, robots, Legos, materials, as well as computers and a little virtual reality. It has become this wonderful time for students to explore and discover, to learn and to teach each other, and to construct their own meaning while making with electronics. My goal for this elective is for students to have a better understanding of the technology that is so prevalent in their lives in a way that is creative, engaging, and fun – and there have been many moments when a student is so excited about what they have created/discovered that they have to shout about it and show it to others. It is that kind of excitement that is both the best part of my day and the reason I am here.

I was inspired by Liz’s wish list and put together a technology wish list to be able to continue our pop-up makerspace in the future. Thank you for considering donating!
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