Anytime I have to get on the intercom to announce that it will be indoor recess, moans can be heard throughout the school. Indoor recess is unpleasant at best and unbearable at worst. I’ve been wondering if perhaps we stay inside for recess too often. My mother, who lives in Sweden, told me that the Swedes have a saying, “There is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing.” In further investigating this wondering about recess, someone shared this insight with me, “In the Pacific Northwest, rain play is simply a way of life. And one thing a kid who lives in this rainy, muddy area of the country knows as inevitable is this: there will be lots of rain puddles year round. They also know that a bit of rain doesn’t mean the outdoor games stop.” (from Playworks).

So this year we are going to head outside more often, even when it’s raining and even when it’s cold and snowy. I see many benefits of getting outside even in the rain. Fresh air refreshes the brain and helps it reset for learning. Children get to explore different ways of playing as the weather changes. Puddle stomping is just a different kind of recess!

This may mean a change for how you help your child get ready for school on cold and rainy days. Please make sure your child comes with a raincoat for rainy days, snow gear for snowy days, and boots when it makes sense. It will also be a good idea to have kids keep an extra set of clothes at school for the days when, despite the raincoat, the puddle stomping left a child uncomfortably wet.

I would also like to collect and have available for children extra rain gear… coats, boots, etc so that those who forget can borrow.

Looking forward to some good clean recess fun! Thanks for your partnership.
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