School Info

School Hours
8:25AM - 2:25PM

Classrooms are open at 8:10AM. Students arriving before 8:10AM are asked to wait quietly in the cafeteria before going to their classrooms.

Late Policy
playground.jpgIt is very important that each student arrive in his/her classroom, ready to begin school, by 8:25AM. We ask that all students be in their classrooms at 8:10AM. A student who arrives after 8:25AM should go to the office with his/her parent(s) to get a late slip before going to the classroom.

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Co-Curricular Classes
Each class will have physical education twice a week. Children should wear sneakers or rubber-soled shoes on the days when there is a physical education class. Each class JK-4 has music once a week, while students in 5th grade choose an instrument and have instrumental music class twice a week. All students have art class once a week. All students in JK-2 have an opportunity to visit the library each week, while in 3rd-5th grade this period alternates between library and work in the computer lab.

Changes in Afternoon Plans
Changes in students' schedules that require bus changes need to be made in writing to the classroom teacher in the morning. Afternoon changes cause confusion for students, families and staff and can compromise student safety. For any changes, please call the Main Office at 617.349.6587.


The school staff would like to be responsive to family questions and concerns. Specific concerns about classroom issues should always be discussed first with the child's teacher. Concerns about special education needs may be discussed with the teacher and school psychologist. Concerns about school-wide issues should be addressed to the family liaison, assistant principal, or the principal. The School Council is an advisory body, which plays a strong role in developing school policy. Members of the School Council are also available to answer questions.

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