Specialists' Reflections: Glen Sherman

Specialists' Reflections: Glen Sherman
Posted on 12/02/2014
Glen Sherman is the Cambridgeport School Math Coach


Over the last few years, a variety of new standards, resources, and structures for math instruction have been adopted at the state, district, and school levels. It’s a lot to keep up with. Initiatives, directives, and shifts in instruction can often seem mysterious to families. What are the Common Core State Standards? Why did Massachusetts adopt them, how are they different from what we had before, and how have they affected how we teach and how we expect kids to learn? What, exactly, is our math curriculum in Cambridge, and what resources are we using to support it? How do we differentiate our math instruction to provide appropriate challenge and support for all kids? How do we decide who requires interventions and what those interventions should be? How are the Cambridgeport Habits of Mind related to math instruction, and how do they relate to the Common Core Standards? What are kids actually doing during math time in their classrooms? And what’s the deal with homework?

Starting this month, I’ll be hosting a series of Math Talk gatherings to give families opportunities to ask questions, learn about specific components of the Cambridge elementary math curriculum, and even do some math together to help provide insight into the kind of thinking kids are doing and learning in math class.

In order to make these gatherings as accessible as possible to all Cambridgeport families, they will alternate monthly between mornings and evenings. Some topics will be chosen by me, but some will be intentionally open, so we can address issues that come up in our discussions.

So, keep an eye out for the notice I’ll be sending home this week with specific dates, times, and locations, and join me and the Cambridgeport community for Math Talks!

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