Specialists' Reflections: Angie Uyham

Specialists' Reflections: Angie Uyham
Posted on 10/23/2014
How do I help my child choose a “just right” book?

 We want our children to browse through the library or local bookstore and be able to choose books that are meaningful, interesting and engaging.  Sometimes children choose books for adults to read to them or books where adults will need to support them in their reading.  Other times, children choose familiar books that they have memorized or are much easier for them to read.  When you hear your children talk about “just right” books or independent reading books, they are often referring to books that they can read by themselves.

Below are some statements that can guide your child when choosing an independent book.
  • This book interests me and can hold my attention.
  • I can have a conversation about the book.
  • I understand most of the book, but there might be a few parts that I might need to re-read.  
  • I can read most of the words, but there are a few I might not know.
  • I spend most of my time learning something new or connecting with the story and not as much time trying to figure out how to say the words or what they mean. 
Hopefully these tips will help your children choose books they love to read independently.
Happy Reading!

–Angie Uyham, JK-5 Literacy Coach
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