Kindergarten Skills

Organizational Skills
  • Come to school on time (between 8:10 and 8:25 AM)
  • Bring a backpack daily
  • Bring mail folder home and return it to school daily
  • Put mail folder in folder box
  • Maintain cubby (i.e. keep track of own items and keep them in the cubby)
Self–Help Skills

Use bathroom independently
  • Use and flush toilet
  • Wipe self independently
  • Wash hands following handwashing rules
  • Put paper towel in the trash
  • Respect that one person at a time uses the bathroom
Outside wear (coats, boots, hats, mittens, etc.)
  • Hang-up own coat
  • Zipper and button independently
  • Put on/take off shoes and boots independently
  • Hold tray steady
  • Open containers and lunch box
  • Choose and try healthy foods
  • Use utensils appropriately
  • Respect “No sharing food” rule
  • Know one’s own food allergies (if any)
Social Skills
  • Follow 2-step directions
  • Take turns and share
  • Raise hand to speak
  • Acknowledge the speaker (face the person & make eye contact)
  • “Keep your body to yourself”
  • Include all classmates—“You can’t say you can’t play”
  • Be flexible with playmates
  • Follow routines and transitions
  • Use your best effort
Emotional Skills
  • Be able to separate from parents easily
  • Be able to transition from one activity to another
  • Exhibit self-control (e.g. control frustration, tone of voice, body)
  • Appropriately manage and express strong feelings
  • Exercise empathy (understand that others may think or feel differently) and begin to reflect upon one’s own actions and behaviors
Safety Skills
  • Use materials responsibly
  • Stay with the group
  • Follow directions
  • Respect school property and others
Citizenship Skills
  • No “finders keepers”—If we find something in the classroom, it belongs to someone else or to the school
  • Put things away—community clean-up
  • Take care of our materials—treat things carefully and gently
  • Fulfill classroom jobs with a good attitude
  • Participate actively
  • Be helpful to others
Family Expectations
  • Check the mail folder and read its contents every night
  • Chaperone at least one field trip a year OR make one classroom visit for reading a story, doing an art project or giving a special presentation, etc.
  • Do your best to attend school events