What is Developmental Learning?

All the teachers at Cambridgeport believe in the philosophy of developmental learning, based on knowledge about children’s physical, social, and intellectual growth. Our curriculum validates what children need and want to learn and what we know about how they learn. Teachers adjust the curriculum through their understanding of each individual child as well as by considering the needs of the whole group of children.

What does developmental learning look like within the context of the kindergarten day?
  • Children have time during the day to explore their environment.
  • The teachers and environment provide opportunities for children to experiment, solve problems, and grow from their mistakes.
  • Teachers use an inquiry approach, asking thoughtful, intelligent questions which may have several “right” answers.
  • Teachers pay careful attention to how children treat each other and reinforce respect as the basis for interaction.
  • Children’s ideas, creations, and discoveries are valued and displayed around the room.
  • The classroom is a place where children can learn through cooking as well as counting, painting as well as phonics lessons, and pretending as well as writing. Play and direct teaching support each other, versus fight each other for our time.
In order to create such an environment, teachers are involved in an on-going process of skillful planning, organizing, collecting, researching, inventing, observing, revising, and refining.