Third Grade Projects

Project 1: Creative Narrative from a Different Perspective

Guiding Questions: 

How do living things affect each other? 

What is our role in the ecosystem?

Description: Students will investigate the Charles River, considering the basic needs of the organisms that inhabit it, and the way in which the habitat meets its needs. We will explore the impact of local and national history on the river and its creatures, and as a third grade determine what we can do to undo past harm and protect them from future threats. In the process, we will learn about adaptations, our place in our ecosystem, and develop strong research and communication skills. 

Project 2: Whose stories get told?

Guiding Questions: 

Whose stories get told? 

How are they shared? 

Description: Over the course of the project, students will think critically about whose stories get told, how those stories get told and who has the power to tell other people’s stories. Students will combine their learning of the Colonial period in Massachusetts with their critical thinking, reading and writing learning. Students will read biographies of important Revolutionary War heroes, as well as learn about less famous people who had a significant impact on the Revolutionary War. They will research a less well known person and write a biography of that person. They will then write a persuasive letter to someone with the power to share other people’s stories to convince them to tell the story of the hero they researched.