The Music Program

Greetings from the Music Room!

A little about Mr. Reynolds: Previous to Cambridge, I taught at Swampscott, the Boston Children’s Museum, Lee Academy, a Boston Public Schools pilot institution, and various after-school arts programs in Greater Cleveland and Boston. In addition to my responsibilities in Cambridge, I conduct three ensembles of the Boston Children’s Chorus.

Here in Cambridge, I split my time between the Cambridgeport and Baldwin Schools. I am at Cambridgeport on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. As I travel between two locations, email is the best form of communication.

Curriculum goals:

Junior Kindergarten/Kindergarten:

  • Readiness concepts:
    • Fast and slow, loud and soft, high and low, short and long, same and different, and smooth and jerky

First and Second Grades:

  • Rhythmic concepts:
    • Beat and rhythm
    • Half note, quarter note, eighth note, quarter rest
  • Melodic concepts:
    • So, mi, la, do, re
  • 2/4 meter
  • Repeat sign

Third and Fourth Grade:

  • Rhythmic concepts:
    • Whole note, sixteenth note, various sixteenth and eight note pairings
    • Syncopation
  • Melodic concepts:
    • low la, low so, high do, fa

Fifth Grade:

  • Chorus participants are:
    • Learning basic vocal technique, breath control, and posture
    • Expanding their knowledge and application of solfege, the process by which student can look at a piece of music for the first time and sing it without a pitch source (i.e. piano)
    • Singing a wide variety of repertoire