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Parent Organizations

There are many ways for families to be involved at Cambridgeport. We acknowledge and appreciate the wide range of ways that people want to be involved. When you read with your child, you are involved. When you review their homework, you are involved. When you walk into their classroom in the morning and help them read the morning message, you are involved. There are also ways to be involved in decisions that are made at the school. The following is a list of organizations or committees that work to improve the school in various ways. If you are interested in getting more information about any of them, please call our Family Liaison Kristen Emack.

Cambridgeport PTO
The Cambridgeport PTO is an open membership of parent and teacher volunteers working together to build community, to support teachers and to raise money for the benefit of the entire Cambridgeport School. Visit the PTO Web site >>

Cambridgeport Room Parents
Room parents support individual classrooms in many different ways. Learn more >>

School Council
The Cambridgeport School Council holds open meetings monthly. We encourage parents and family members to be involved in the life of the school by participating in the school council. Learn more >>