Second Grade Science

There are three main science topics for the year;

Students will have a chance to analyze different soils, learn about the main components of soil and what impact they have on the plants and animals in that area. We’ll use both the woodland garden at Cambridgeport and the Squirrel Nut Zipper Garden.

science_2a.jpgStudents will become meteorologists by learning about the main features of weather; cloud cover, precipitation, wind and temperature. They will learn how to observe and record these features using appropriate tools. We will use our observations to make suggestions about what clothing would be smart and what kinds of outdoor activities might be a good choice that day (the job of meteorologists)!

Life Cycles
This will be part of our spring expedition and students will explore various life cycles of different animals and the never ending nature of these cycles.vWe will also focus on a variety of science skills such as; predicting, observing, questioning, doing experiments, collecting and recording data, discussing results and ideas with peers, wondering and changing your thinking based on new information.