Choice Time

Choice TimeNearly every day, children will have at least 40 minutes of Choice Time; a snack center is incorporated during this period. During this precious and productive time, children may finish activities or work from earlier in the day, and teachers may also lead small groups to work more deeply on academic lessons or to assess progress. But the heart and soul of Choice Time is creativity; children explore, experiment, read, dance, observe, build, create, and act—and they play! Play is truly the work of young children, and teachers plan the centers carefully to connect to social and academic curriculum themes, as well as student interests.

The Pretend Play area becomes restaurants, hospitals, pet stores, barber shops, beaches, and campsites.

The Art Studio invites children to reuse recyclable materials such as cotton balls and bottle caps to create “beautiful stuff” masterpieces.

The Sensory Table tempts children with a variety of substances throughout the year such as soft pompoms, sand, water, shaving cream, and seeds.

Art in KindergartenThe Block Area hosts the cooperative construction of elaborate structures that become sites for dramatic play over the course of the week.

Many other activities—play-doh, dollhouses, computer stations, board games, Legos, etc. keep Choice Time fresh and interesting and ensure that every child has multiple places to visit that they find interesting and challenging. Choice Time also honors children’s decision-making and encourages their independence since they must budget their own time within a day or a throughout a week.