Fourth Grade Science


Science in our fourth grade classrooms is interactive, exciting, and hands-on. This year, our fourth grade classes will focus on four topics of study: adaptations, energy, changing earth and waves. Students will record their ideas, observations, hypotheses, and findings in their own science notebooks.

During the adaptations unit, students will analyze structures of plants and animals in order to determine how organisms meet their needs in the environment.

Next, students will begin a unit on energy. They will explore many types of energy including, kinetic energy, potential energy and electrical energy. The will explore the questions: How can humans use energy efficiently to meet their needs? What happens to energy and where does it go?

We will then explore the science behind our changing earth. Students will investigate erosion and weathering of the earth and how the earth changes as a result of both natural and human factors.

As we near the springtime, our fourth grade scholars will investigate the physics of waves. Students will learn about sound waves and how how we represent how sound travels.