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First Grade Reading

The writing units of study will also be a part of our reading curriculum. We will study each genre as readers before the students jump into their own writing.

Just like writing there are a variety of reading based skills we will work on throughout the entire year. The overarching focus is to teach children how readers think while they read and to help them develop these habits of mind. We will be teaching this through read alouds, small group instruction and independent activities. Just some of the skills we will be working on are…

  • using a wide variety of strategies to decode unfamiliar words
  • keeping track of the events in a story, checking if it makes sense
  • inferring how characters feel and how they change over time
  • inferring the message the author is trying to convey
  • learning how to read a text with the “eyes of an author” so that you can analyze and critique the choices an author has made in their writing

In addition we will work on word solving strategies to help children decode more and more difficult text.

Word Study
An important part of the 1st grade curriculum is word study. Each week students will work in small groups to learn a phonics principle (for example; the short a sound) and then have multiple opportunities to explore this principle throughout the week. This area of curriculum is not based on rote skills but instead aims to foster a genuine interest in understanding how words work. Children will spend time breaking words apart, searching for patterns, and analyzing words to figure out how to read and write them.