Cambridgeport School Council

The Cambridgeport School Council holds open meetings monthly. We encourage parents and family members to be involved in the life of the school by participating in the school council. We invite families to bring their ideas and concerns to the council. Minutes from the monthly meetings are posted on the bulletin board outside of the family room.

School Council Responsibilities

  • Assist in identification of educational needs of students attending school
  • Make recommendations to principal for development, implementation and assessment of curriculum accommodation plan
  • Assist the principal in review of the annual school budget for the school building NOT the school district
  • Assist in formulation of school improvement plan

Areas of Non-Involvement

  •  School councils are not involved in collective bargaining
  •  School councils are not involved in labor relations
  •  School councils are not involved in personnel matters
  •  School councils should not consider individual grievances, such as parent/guardian complaints about school placement

Members (2016-17)

Bob Knippen
Regina Holloway
Jasmine Bellitti
Jacob Barendes
Daniel Michaud-Weinstock
Laura Baecher
Tanya Fenestor
Hanane Jounaidi 
Justin Cravens
Sarah Baszto
Anna Tarshish
Gizelle Lev
Katie Charner-Laird
Maisha Sport
Kristen Emack

Meeting Schedule, Agenda & Minutes (2016-17)
Wednesdays | 6 - 7:30PM

September 21:  Welcome, introductions, orientation to new school council, including Ethics Training.

October 19:  Family Engagement Plan—how is it going so far?  What can be improved?

November 16:  Family Engagement Plan—how is it going so far?  What can be improved?

January 25:  Orientation to our Report Cards

February 15:  Review of Family Engagement Plan—specifically related to report cards

March 22:  Review of district budget with implications for Cambridgeport.  Orientation to new MCAS test.

April 26:  Review of School Improvement Plan and associated budget items

May 24:  Reflecting on our year, make plans for next year.

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