Family Liaison

The School-based Family Liaison reports to and is supervised by the school principal.

The Family Liaison’s main role is to be accessible to all families in ways that support academic achievement and help to foster communication and a welcoming school climate for all families. The Family Liaison will support family participation and involvement in activities that further the mission of the school. This support takes many forms, and can vary from school to school, and from one relationship to the next within a school community. The liaison and the school principal will delineate the particulars of the liaison’s involvement, depending on the community’s needs. The position, including the details of its’ particulars, must be structured to fit within the confines of the 25-hour, ten-month position.

Parent Involvement
Cambridgeport School welcomes parent involvement in every form.
 We recognize and respect that parents are their children’s first teachers. We also recognize and appreciate the different levels at which parents are involved. 
A shout out for some of the ways parents are involved:

  • Getting children off to bed on time.
  • Getting kids to school on time.
  • Assisting students to get homework started and completed.
  • Getting students involved in extra-curricular activities.
  • Seeking resources for students.

Families are encouraged to be involved in child’s school.

  • Attendance at parent teacher meetings.
  • Volunteering in the classrooms.
  • Volunteering on committees, e.g., PTO.
  • Becoming a room parent or 
serving on the School Council.
  • Yet another level is attending outside events/meetings on behalf of your child and school
  • Attending parent training inside or outside of the school
  • Attending School Committee meetings

All of the above are valued and important parts of being involved. We applaud the efforts of parents.

If you have questions about being involved, please contact Kristen Emack, the Family Liaison at the Cambridgeport School, via or 617.349.6587 x111.